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Awesome show on Discovery Channel

It’s been long since I last found an interesting show on Discovery Channel. Well, it has many awesome shows but I just missed them all.

The Salvage Hunters is the show about an antiques dealer who buys architectural and decorative salvage pieces – in other words, things that the owners almost threw away or neglected for decades. 

The items that he buys are definitely very British. Among Korean antique dealers, it is called “retro style”; such as industrial hanging lamps, art deco fence, very heavy looking oak desk… you get the picture. They are not exactly not my cup of tea, but the show itself is interesting.

Interestingly enough, the show especially highlights the difficulty this dealer has with the sellers; sellers want higher price (of course) or don’t want to sell things once they find out the value their items hold. The Discovery Channel page describes “simply discovering a treasure is only half the battle – Pritchard must artfully convince owners to sell, and at his price.” Well, I’d revise the “half” to “one fourth.” Finding, buying and restoring is all fun. The hardest part is to find the right buyer for the item. In this world in which money makes money, big time dealers allure people with their amazing space and even more amazing inventory. But look around, you can get a much better deal with small time dealers unless you want to buy a Picasso.  🙂 


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