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Biomorphic Sculpture, 1970's, Switzerland. Courtesy of Rayon Roskar.

Biomorphic Sculpture, 1970’s, Switzerland.
Courtesy of Rayon Roskar.

Steel Sculpture, 1970's, Switzerland. Courtesy of Lost City Arts.

Steel Sculpture, 1970’s, Switzerland.
Courtesy of Lost City Arts.














The pair of sculptures shares the same creative principle in large exploring the form of abstraction. They are also from the same period, 1970’s, and the same region, Geneva, Switzerland.

However, the juxtaposition of the two sculptures reveals a very interesting visual language of opposites; while the Steel Sculpture poses a solid shape piercing the space, refusing any traces of human hand (in a way this is what humans do, removing the trace of hand-made but seeking for a machine-like perfection in the modern world), the Biomorphic sculpture is burgeoning from inside into an organoid shape, the abstract form originating from an observation of nature. The traces of carving proudly but present the hand of creation.

Biomorphic Sculpture (detail), 1970's, Switzerland. Courtesy of Rayon Roskar.

Biomorphic Sculpture (detail), 1970’s, Switzerland.
Courtesy of Rayon Roskar.


Interestingly enough, the seemingly aggressive Steel Sculpture embraces the void within whereas its biomorphic counterpart holds solid mass.

In this case of these two sculptures, the antithetical nature and yet the creative principle within in turn ties them into a bigger idea of artistic creation.


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There is a saying in Korea that you might know 1000 mile path in the deep ocean but you never know what is coming to your path. As growing older, I realize it more and more in my life.
So here I am back to where I was standing 1 year ago. I never knew that I would come back to this place. As you can sense from the 4 months of absence on the online world, it’s been quite a journey both physically and mentally to settle in the new home.

Choosing Geneva might seem like an unlikely move for a vintage dealer. however, now that the name Eames has become an indicative of certain era and you can find a pair of diamond chairs by Harry Bertoia at $1500, it is a challenger for design savvy customers, not to mention the dealers, to find new items beyond the popular hype for overrated design icons. I believe I have found the potential in Geneva and we will see how it will span out.

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It would be a shame to enjoy only man-made objects in this beautiful city. It is always humbling to realize something amazingly beautiful and great exists in this world.

Highly recommended:
Lake Leman- enjoy while walking along Quai du Mont Blanc
Lunch at Monument Brunswick
A walk in la Perle du Lac

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With all due respect to the premier contemporary art gallery, Gagosian, it seemed like an unadventurous statement to display only one sculpture by John Chamberlain in their booth at Art Geneve.
I would much appreciate the naïveté to believe it is the sense of discovery and trust in creativity pushing the envelope that really expands the horizon of art and broadens human mind.

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If you have a chance to spend a weekend in Geneva, check out the flea market held in Plainpalais.
There are rows and rows of vendors selling books, cloths, pottery, furniture (mostly ambiguous “brown furniture”) and, etc. It is an interesting display of what’s viewed “vintage” in Geneva. There are some real deals, but as always real things are not easy to get-in terms of luck and price.
The market opens 9:00am – 3:00pm on Saturdays and Wednesdays. Be there, look around and get it when you see it!



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