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Despite the gloomy morning, I have gained this today’s finding! All you need is now a ticket to paradise. For more info, please check out our new Facebook page:

Bon voyage!!


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There is a saying in Korea that you might know 1000 mile path in the deep ocean but you never know what is coming to your path. As growing older, I realize it more and more in my life.
So here I am back to where I was standing 1 year ago. I never knew that I would come back to this place. As you can sense from the 4 months of absence on the online world, it’s been quite a journey both physically and mentally to settle in the new home.

Choosing Geneva might seem like an unlikely move for a vintage dealer. however, now that the name Eames has become an indicative of certain era and you can find a pair of diamond chairs by Harry Bertoia at $1500, it is a challenger for design savvy customers, not to mention the dealers, to find new items beyond the popular hype for overrated design icons. I believe I have found the potential in Geneva and we will see how it will span out.

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One of good friends and loyal customers of EK Modern shares the picture of her vintage elephant.

It boasts wonderful pattern with bright sunflower yellow color. Perfect gift for someone who seeks sunshine in this snowy weather. 🙂





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Well, for me this is my part of the world, in a way.
This is a concert held in 1984. The original song was written and sung in the 50’s. The first 30 seconds of the video shows the parade scene of Korea, probably between 1945-55, right after Korean War.
People were suffering from the war but as the song sounds -energetic and positive- there was a certain amount of hope, at least the government tried to promote that. Maybe this mentality still appeals to the people.

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“Blue Chip” Mid-Century Furniture

Interesting article on mid-century furniture in CNBC.

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(Photo: Playboy Magazine, 1961. Thanks to http://www.home-designing.com/2010/10/mid-century-modern-classic-chairs)

Why there are so many enthusiasts about the Mid-century (roughly from 1920’s-1970’s) decorative arts?  Big auctions houses are raising millions of dollars at their 20th ceutury design sales (Sotheby’s March sale, for example, reached 3.3 million with 244 lots and Christie’s 1.4 million with the half the number of lots). “Mad Men era” has become a “professional” jargon in the ebay.

There must be so many experts who can explain historical and aesthetic reasons for this hype. What I would like to add is more of psychological one: nostalgia. Mind is a strange mechanism. Sometimes you recall the past in a rose color regardless what actually happened or what you actually felt at the moment. Mid-century for most western countries, in particular the US, was the time when things were getting better. There were jobs to do, factories were running, economy was booming and men even conquered the moon. For many who are living in the 21st century, this seems like a story of “good old days.” If you can’t have those “good old days” for real, wouldn’t you want to have something that embody the energy, hope and dreams of the time? 

A remaining question is what will be the next “Blue chip” items after the current mid-century designs are becoming classic and entering the realm of “antiques.”  

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