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There is a saying in Korea that you might know 1000 mile path in the deep ocean but you never know what is coming to your path. As growing older, I realize it more and more in my life.
So here I am back to where I was standing 1 year ago. I never knew that I would come back to this place. As you can sense from the 4 months of absence on the online world, it’s been quite a journey both physically and mentally to settle in the new home.

Choosing Geneva might seem like an unlikely move for a vintage dealer. however, now that the name Eames has become an indicative of certain era and you can find a pair of diamond chairs by Harry Bertoia at $1500, it is a challenger for design savvy customers, not to mention the dealers, to find new items beyond the popular hype for overrated design icons. I believe I have found the potential in Geneva and we will see how it will span out.

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One of the loyal customers of EK Modern shares the picture of her recent purchase.
The metal lamp on the table is made by the premier Swiss lighting manufacturer, BAG (Bronzewarenfabrik AG) Turgi around 1920-30’s. BAG Turgi was one of the leading producer of lighting during the early-mid 20th century. It worked closely with Swiss architects and produced the lamps inspired by the modern design principle that emphasized simplicity, rationality and functionality.
This particular lamp shows a good example of the early modern age design incorporated with the hard and raw material. It seems to work perfectly with the wooden desk and chair which were made by the owner herself.


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It would be a shame to enjoy only man-made objects in this beautiful city. It is always humbling to realize something amazingly beautiful and great exists in this world.

Highly recommended:
Lake Leman- enjoy while walking along Quai du Mont Blanc
Lunch at Monument Brunswick
A walk in la Perle du Lac

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What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you see this table? Cardboard boxes?

It was con.temporary furniture series made by Design Bureau Collin Schalli who was granted Swiss Design Award. (http://www.colinschaelli.com/con-temporary-furniture-linoleum/)

The jury of the award said, “the furniture has been simply and clearly designed. Remarkably, it can be put together without any nails or screws – but the structure is nonetheless surprisingly solid. A particularly interesting aspect, and one that points the way for the future, is the idea of having the furniture made by local joineries and so saving energy and transport costs.”

Sounds familiar? Any one who have bought IKEA furniture would think the two designs shared the many similarities:

-simply and clearly designed
-made by local joineries (in IKEA’s case, the purchaser. I was the one who assembled a 150-pound sofa!)

I don’t doubt the table is well-structured, durable and functional (as we all expect from Swiss products). But where is the one thing all human beings cherish from the age of cavemen: the aesthetic pleasure? The table looks clean and neat; but where is the trace of people, touch and warmth? Don’t we already have too much of “streamline” in our life?

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