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What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you see this table? Cardboard boxes?

It was con.temporary furniture series made by Design Bureau Collin Schalli who was granted Swiss Design Award. (http://www.colinschaelli.com/con-temporary-furniture-linoleum/)

The jury of the award said, “the furniture has been simply and clearly designed. Remarkably, it can be put together without any nails or screws – but the structure is nonetheless surprisingly solid. A particularly interesting aspect, and one that points the way for the future, is the idea of having the furniture made by local joineries and so saving energy and transport costs.”

Sounds familiar? Any one who have bought IKEA furniture would think the two designs shared the many similarities:

-simply and clearly designed
-made by local joineries (in IKEA’s case, the purchaser. I was the one who assembled a 150-pound sofa!)

I don’t doubt the table is well-structured, durable and functional (as we all expect from Swiss products). But where is the one thing all human beings cherish from the age of cavemen: the aesthetic pleasure? The table looks clean and neat; but where is the trace of people, touch and warmth? Don’t we already have too much of “streamline” in our life?


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