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This time of the year always tests my creativity. It is not easy to find a perfect gift; perfect for the occasion, perfect for the budget, perfect for the personality and perfect for the relationship I have with the recipient… So when I did find something “perfect,” I almost feel for patting on my shoulder myself. And I think I deserve it this time. 

A good friend of mine had a baby girl a few months ago. So I decided to give the baby her first Christmas present. Trying to look for a baby cloth, I made a tour in a fancy department store. It was a brave new world! There are so many cute things that I would love to buy all and also I cannot buy any. Panicking in the pile of baby cloths which cost almost same with the adults’ cloths (why!), an idea popped up: “I’m an antique dealer! Do something antique dealeresque!” So I looked through my inventory and found a small Iittala cup. It is one of the Niva series designed by the famous Finnish genius Tapio Wirkkala for Iittala. The Niva series boasts its texture reminiscent of arctic iceberg. The cup measures around 5 cm high and 4 cm diameter. The baby may not be able to use it until she becomes 5, but I look forward to the day when she enjoys bourbon in this cup with aunty (then a nice old lady vintage dealer lol).

So go take a look around vintage stores, flea markets and etc. Something amazing may be waiting for you! 


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